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Moving House Checklist

1.Booked your utility, truck and/or trailer from 1300 Meteor Rentals 
 We recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment 
2.Cancelled Services: 
 Garden Waste 
3.Redirected your mail via Australia Post 
4.Advised change of address and phone number: 
 Friends and neighbours 
 Children's School 
 Clubs and Associations 
 Bank and Financial Institutions 
 Electoral Office - Local, State and Federal 
5.If renting: 
 Cleaned house/flat
 Arranged inspection by landlord or agent 
 Handed keys back 
 Arranged for your bond refund 
6.If selling: 
 Cleaned house/flat 
 Noted water meter reading 
 Delivered keys to solicitor or agent 
7.Final Check 
 Nothing left behind 
 House/Flat secured 

When moving in, have you...

1.Collected keys from solicitor, agent or landlord 
2.Arrange supply of services: 
 Garden Waste 
3.Arranged/changed insurance cover (if purchasing) 
4.Checked water meter reading upon arrival 
5.Changed address to your driver's licence 


CLICK HERE for a printable version of our Moving Checklist.


Book a utility truck and/or trailer

If you decide to move house with the help of a removal company, we highly recommend opting for our services. 1300 Meteor are professional removalists who will offer the help and support you need. 

This includes helping you determine what size vehicle you require, supplying you with removal boxes and making sure you stay calm on what can be a stressful day. 

With us, you have the option of pre-packaging items yourself or employing our team to do so. We highly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Cancel your utilities

Whilst you're packing and disposing of unwanted items, it’s important that you don’t forget about the administrative side of moving house. 

Make sure that you notify all utility providers of your change in circumstance and arrange for your final meter readings to be submitted. Some services to notify include: 

  • Power
  • Gas
  • Telephone/data
  • Newspaper
  • Garden waste
  • Internet
  • Water

We recommend giving utility companies five days notice so that your final readings are accepted on time. This will prevent you from being charged for utility rates that have been incurred after moving out. 

If you have any outstanding rates or utility bills, now is the time to pay them off or let your provider know that you’re moving to avoid accidental fees. 

If you’re staying with the same company when moving house, it may still be worth organising a contingency plan for energy and water supplies in your new home as delays can sometimes occur. 

Inform family and service providers of your change in address

Inform all family, friends and service providers of your change in address and phone number (if applicable). This will ensure that you don’t miss important information and that you are kept up to date with your affairs. 

If you have any subscriptions or regular deliveries, make sure that they are cancelled or redirected to your new address. People/services to inform include: 

  • Subscription companies
  • Relatives
  • Employer
  • Children’s school
  • Clubs and associations
  • Financial institutions
  • Creditors/debtors
  • Electoral office
  • Accountant 

Redirect mail via Australia post

Even if you’ve been proactive and notified all the above providers of your change in address, it is still important that you redirect your mail with the Australian post. 

This will ensure that you receive all letters and covers any services which you may have forgotten to notify. This will give you peace of mind and reduce your chances of falling victim to fraud.

Are you renting or selling?

If you’re renting your home, make sure you give the keys back to your landlord and arrange for an inspection with them. This inspection will require you to clean your home or hire a cleaning company that specialises in helping people move house. 

Before getting the keys off your new landlord or housing agent, you may also wish to file for a bond return if in a rental home. 

Alternatively, if you’re selling your home, make sure you give your keys to the third-party organiser, such as a solicitor or agent. Your house may also require a professional clean. 

Final checks

Make sure to check over your house for the final time, ensuring all windows and entry points are locked. 

Some common things that people forget include last-minute items (such as chargers/keys/toothbrushes), a final box of items to be moved, or items usually housed in the greenhouse or garage. Don’t forget to collect the keys to your new home before moving out completely!

Moving in checklist

Arrange service supplies

Once you’ve collected the keys to your new home, it’s important that you arrange for main house utilities to be connected immediately. 

1300 Meteor recommends that you call power and water providers first for a smoother transition. Once this is done, you can then look at connecting to other services, such as telephone providers and the Internet. 

Arrange insurance cover

Home insurance overs things such as interior and exterior property damage, theft and personal liability. We suggest that you organise insurance once your belongings are in your new home. 

With 1300 Meteor, you can rest assured that your items and boxes are insured when moving!

Check water meter reading upon arrival

As when moving out of your old house, you don’t want to be charged for utilities ran up when you're absent. Be sure to check your water meter reading to avoid having to pay for utilities used by former tenants.

Change your driver's licence address

When you move home, you have to register your vehicle with your new state and transfer over your driver’s licence. This will require you to visit your local DMV and go through certain formalities within a specific time frame (usually 5 days). Be sure to take proof of insurance. 

For further help and guidance on moving out, or to recruit our removal services, call us at 1300 Meteor today.

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