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Car carriers & fully enclosed trailers with drop down loading ramp a speciality! Local U-HAUL trailer hire agent! Moving accessories available include fridge trolleys, ropes and pads (furniture blankets). For only the best trailers that you can rely on, great rates and over 35 years of experience 1300 Meteor Rentals is the one!

Trailer Terminology

ATM / GTMAggregate (or gross) trailer mass ie the total legal permissible weight of the trailer including its payload. The ATM / GTM capacity can be found on the manufacturers' compliance plate affixed to the trailer.
TareThe weight of the trailer when empty.
PayloadThe legal maximum allowable load the trailer can carry ie ATM - tare = payload
Single AxleThe trailer has one axle (2 wheels)
Tandem AxleThe trailer has two axles (4 wheels)
Box TrailerA 'box' trailer is an open topped trailer with sides (and not a fully enclosed trailer).
Override BrakesBrakes are activated by inertia via a sliding shaft to the trailer tow hitch acting on either a hydraulic or mechanical (ie cable) connection to the brakes. A trailer braking control system to the tow vehicle is not required with this system. All of our trailers employ an override braking system as it's compatible with all tow vehicles.


What can your vehicle tow?

Check the manufacturer's plate or sticker to your vehicles' tow bar and also the vehicles' Owners' manual for the manufacturers' recommended towing capacity limits for both braked and unbraked trailers. The capacities quoted will represent the Aggregate (Gross) Trailer Mass (ATM / GTM) ie the total legal permissible weight of the trailer when loaded.


Client Reviews

How do you make the right choice of supplier in Cairns? Who can you trust to look after you with a great deal for a quality trailer and the service and professionalism you deserve and are paying for? We believe our customers are our best referee - check out our reviews!

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local and interstate one way rentalsOne-Way Rental

Picking up in Cairns and finishing at another destination? No problem - 1300 Meteor offers one way rentals of its trailers to other 1300 Meteor centres, and if you're hiring one of our vehicles on a one way rental regardless of destination you are most welcome to also hire one of our trailers one way behind it.

Uhaul AustraliaIn addition we're the local agent for U-Haul Trailers - Australia's long term, local, one-way intrastate & interstate trailer hire specialist!.

High-Quality Trailers

All of our trailers are constructed to heavy duty rental industry standard while keeping an eye on maintaining low tare weight for ease of towing. LED multivolt tail lights and galvanised finish keeps maintenance issues to a minimum, a swing-away type jockey wheel and spare wheel are standard equipment, and we service our trailers on a regular cycle.

Winches are standard equipment to our full floor car carriers, and all of our enclosed furniture trailers feature drop down loading ramps - simply walk in and out!

Full details for each trailer type can be found by clicking on the images to the bottom of this page - together with the video clips showing you around each trailer type and their features!


moving trolley hireMoving Accessories

Our moving accessories range includes:

  • Fridge trolley's full size stair climber with winch & strap to secure your load
  • Pads (removalist blankets) -  3.4 x 1.8M in size
  • Ropes - 10mm x 10M
  • Tie down ratchet straps
  • Cargo nets


Best Rates for Quality Trailers

Check out our quality trailer fleet, our highly competitive rates, and the value!

moving checklistFurniture volume calculator



Local trailer hire

If you need to hire a trailer in the local Cairns area, 1300 Meteor Rentals is here to help you out. We have a fleet of quality trailers available for use.

When hiring a trailer, make sure you invest in a quality product. In order to do so, go through a reputable rental company such as ourselves. Here at 1300 Meteor Rentals, we understand that our clients need trailers for a range of reasons - so our fleet reflects this! Whether you need to transport your personal belongings or business materials, a trailer is the perfect piece of equipment to do so.

Reliable trailer hire

Along with our range of trailers available for hire, here at 1300 Meteor Rentals, we also have a selection of u-haul trailers for use. U-haul trailers are among the most popular types of trailers due to their great versatility. If you're a business owner in Cairns and the surrounding areas, hiring a u-haul trailer has a range of uses. This includes the transportation of equipment and goods. U-haul trailers are also ideal for personal use, such as transporting household belongings during a move.

What can trailers be used for?

One of the main benefits of hiring a rental trailer is that they are suitable for a broad range of uses, including both personal and business use. This includes the following:

  • Furniture movement. If you have heavy pieces of furniture such as sofas, coffee tables, or dining sets, then hiring a trailer is a convenient solution that allows you to complete the move in fewer trips and with improved stability.
  • Construction material movement. If you run or own a construction business, hiring a trailer to transport your construction materials saves on the costs of a long-term purchase; trailer hire is also an ideal choice for construction businesses just starting out.
  • Common appliance movement. If you need to transport appliances, whether it's due to moving home or a recent purchase, hiring a trailer from your local Cairns renter helps to avoid any stress.
  • Livestock movement. If you own livestock and need to move them between locations, or else have just bought livestock, then hiring a caged trailer is an effective choice of transportation.

With all of our trailers available for hire at competitive prices, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better source of rental trailers here in Cairns!

Whether you need a standard trailer or a specialist u-haul trailer, here at 1300 Meteor Rentals, our trailer hire specialists are on-hand to advise you and guide you to the right choice of trailer for your needs. We offer flexible trailer hire in Cairns; get started by reaching out to our team for further information.


Click on a trailer below for full details and covering video clip!

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