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What To Do When Returning Your Rental Car

Posted by Michael Addison on 3 September 2020
What To Do When Returning Your Rental Car

People are always asking us here at 1300 Meteor what they should do when returning their car, and yet the truth is that when you take a car rental in Townsville, the company gives you all the information you need. However, we know that some companies bury the returning procedure under reams of small print, so here is a general idea of what you should do when you return your car.

1) Plan your route
2) Find a nearby gas station and fill up
3) Taking photos
4) Keep an eye out for signs
5) Get all your belongings together
6) Late returns

Plan Your Route

Before you return your rental car, you should first plan on how you are going to get it back in time. Check what time the car is due back. Check how long it will take to get to the rental car shop because most rental companies will charge you if you bring the car back late. If you are not sure about where you need to drop off the car, you can always contact the company or send them an email.

Don't Forget to Fill up

The main reasons you should make sure the tank is full is to make sure you don't break down and end up being late getting the car back. Also, the rental place may have a 'full to full' policy, which means because you picked up the car with a full tank, so you should make sure to refill it before you return it. If you decide to not refill it, the company may charge you extra for this.

Double check the terms and conditions for when you rent a car with them because you may not have to bring the car back with a full tank, this is especially true if the T&Cs or the confirmation email says 'pre-purchase'.

Our vehicles are supplied full of fuel - clients may either return same full of fuel, or leave it to our staff to top up upon return in which case a $20.00 service fee applies, in addition to the cost of fuel taken (at cost).

Taking Photos

Before you take the car from the rental place, take a photo of the car's sides, front and the rear of the car. Once you have done that, don't forget to take a photo of the mileage and fuel indicator. This will help you will any added fees you have received for any missing fuel, additional damage, or mileage.

Double Check By Taking Out all of Your Belongings

Before you had the keys over to the rental company, make sure you check the car for any of your things. Look under the car seats, in the boot, check the music player, and any other places you might store your things while you used the car. By checking for your stuff, you are also checking for damage, and unexpected things, and it is a good habit to get into when you make a car rental in Townsville. 

Late Returns

Quoted daily rates cover up to 24 hours, calculated from the time the vehicle was booked for collection. Late returns will be charged at 1/5 daily rate per hour up to 4 hours after which full daily rate will apply. Quoted rates are based on a continuous rental basis, with no deductions for weekends, public holidays, servicing downtime etc.

If you are looking for a good price and easy terms and conditions, then get in touch with us here at 1300 Meteor for a great deal.

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