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What is the maximum speed limit?

Posted by Admin on 13 August 2021
What is the maximum speed limit?

What is the maximum speed limit on a road outside a built up area unless otherwise signed?

If you're driving in Queensland outside of a built-up area, the speed limit is 100km/hr unless stated otherwise. Queensland is an incredible location to visit, travel around and explore, so driving here is a great experience. It's also a brilliant way to see the country and check out some of the most beautiful sights Australia has to offer. However, sticking to the speed limit is crucial and it's important you understand the rules of the road in Queensland before driving. So, let's take a look at speed limits in more detail.

Speed limits in built-up areas

If you're driving through a town or city in Queensland, it is important to stick to the speed limit and remain alert while driving. The speed limit in built-up areas is 50km/h unless otherwise stated. If you're driving in an area with a streetlight system, you should also never drive over 50km/h unless signs say otherwise. There are some roads in Queensland that carry traffic through these suburban areas, and these may have a speed limit of 60km or higher, however, this will be clearly signposted on the road. The speed limit on local streets is also 50km/h, which is a street that is used to provide direct access to private properties.

How do you know if you're driving in a built-up area?

The definition of a built-up area in Queensland is one that has a system of street lighting, so roads that have different limits will be clearly marked. If you're on a street that has several houses, this is sometimes referred to as a local street, and it would be unwise to ever go any faster than 50km/h. It's always wise to air on the side of caution and drive as safely as possible if you're new to driving in Queensland. It's also important to remain cautious as speeding is defined as driving higher than the speed limit or at a speed that is inappropriate to the driving conditions. This could include speeding in rain, heavy traffic or fog.

The consequences of speeding

Driving over the speed limit is a serious offence and could cause risks to other road users, pedestrians and cause serious harm or even death. Even if you are driving on a quiet road outside of a built-up area, you must stick to the speed limit. There are also severe legal consequences to speeding on a road outside a built-up area unless otherwise signed, including losing your driving licence, fines, demerit points and more.

Find out more

If you are ever unsure what the speed limit is, don't drive above 50km/h in a built-up area and don't drive over 100km/h outside of a built-up area.

For more advice on driving regulations in Queensland, head to Queensland Transport Road Rules for Everyday Driving. This will ensure you know everything you need to before hiring a vehicle.

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