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Selecting the Best Trailer Hire for Your Relocation

Posted by Michael Addison on 14 August 2018
Selecting the Best Trailer Hire for Your Relocation

Moving your life across the country or even just to the other side of town? You are not alone. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), almost half a million Australians move from one state in Australia to another state in the country every single year. Moving can represent a considerable undertaking and get- all your proverbial ducks in a line can help you reduce the stress and possibility for error that is commonly associated with these relocations.

One of the biggest considerations that will need to be addressed is the logistics of having your belongings hauled from one place to another. There are moving companies with their high prices and propensity for human error. Then, there's the prospect of using your own vehicle to make the move and the possibility of damage and need for many trips back and forth.

As usual, it is the third option that provides a cost-effective and safe way to transport various amounts of fragile belongings over great distances. Trailer Hire is the happy medium point allowing the savvy and capable individual to handle the task themselves.

Whether the job includes moving a large number of belongings from a small family or even just the basic needs of a freshman heading off to college, there is a trailer company with the perfect option for the job.

trailer hire

Choosing the Best Trailer Hire for You

Not many people are experienced in hiring a moving trailer so the task is often a bit tricky and full of pitfalls that can add charges to the trip. There is a great variety of options available and selecting the right one for the job will require a bit of respect and experience as found in this article by the experts.

The first thing you need to do is form an accurate picture of your needs. This will allow you to make the best decision for the extra set of wheels that will maximize your carrying capacity and achieve your relocation in the least number of moves possible all through the magic of logistics.

trailer hire

Here is a step by step process to help you with this stage of the task.

1.    Inventory - you need to get a good idea of exactly what you will need to place inside this. This is a trickier task than you can possibly imagine and a large number of items scattered through many drawers and cabinets can lead you to get a much larger trailer than you need.

2.    Distances - how far is the trip, can it be completed in one day? Twice in one day? A smaller trailer and two trips may be cheaper than a large one if distances aren't extensive.

3.    Sizes - trailers come in all shapes and sizes and some like the cage type are the ideal option for fast and cheap transportation. Larger heavier trailer types may be better for longer distances.

Here are some of the sizes you can expect.

  • 7x4 feet
  • 8x5 feet
  • 10x6 feet
  • 13x6 feet

It's always best to give yourself plenty of time when making these arrangements as a rushed plan always ends up costing more. Begin looking around at the trailer hire options available to you in your local area.

Look at all the options that have websites with their deals and rates posted. Call some of the more appropriate options and ask about special offers and times where prices may be lower. It will usually be cheaper to hire for two days rather than a single day.

Weekends may also be an especially costly time to try and handle your move and can make traffics issues very unpredictable. Weekdays are the best time to handle this type of activity.

Since you will be setting up for more than one day of use anyway, be sure you maximize the use of your trailer and get your full money's worth. Moving is a big job and you may want to use the trailer to make a run down to the local landfill and dispose of all your garbage produced in the move. You may have some belongings in excellent conditions that may need to be taken to storage or donated to the proper foundations.

Finally, make sure you fully understand how to drive and operate a trailer attached to the rear end of your vehicle. To say this changes the dynamics of driving parking and maneuvering in a traffic scene is an understatement. While it is not especially difficult, it is an important consideration.

Read our driving tips for trailers here.

Author: Michael Addison
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