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Car Rental Tips Every Traveller Should Know

Posted by Admin on 1 October 2019
Car Rental Tips Every Traveller Should Know
Looking to rent a car for your next holiday? Learn how to save money on your next rental with these car rental tips!

Before the hire

·        Read the contract terms and conditions carefully. They can be quite extensive so best to do this in advance.
·        Keep drivers over 25, you'll likely have to pay an additional fee and higher damages excesses can apply if the driver is under 25. (1300Meteor does not charge an additional daily fee for drivers under 25.) 
·        Keep the number of drivers to a minimum. For every additional driver, you may need to pay a daily fee, whether or not they actually end up driving during the rental period. (1300Meteor does not charge for additional drivers)
·        Inspect your vehicle carefully before taking possession of your car. Make sure all pre-existing damage, no matter how minor, is documented.
·        Photograph the vehicle at the beginning and end of hire. (1300Meteor takes time/date stamped pre hire photo's for every rental. We welcome customers taking their own. Please ensure they are time/date stamped)
·        Ask for information about what to do in the event of a breakdown or accident.
·        Find out whether you need to bring the vehicle back with a full tank and what is the charge if you don't. Higher cost per litre or refuelling fees may apply.

During the hire

·        As you drive out of the car hire depot the first thing to check for, apart from a running motor, is the nearest petrol station so you can fill up on return without incurring further fuel charges.
·        If the vehicle breaks down during the rental or you have an accident, advise the company as soon as possible and follow the company's procedures. Don't have it repaired without approval.
·        Stay on sealed roads, your rental car may not be covered if you go "off road" unless otherwise specified.

After the hire

·        Fill up the vehicle as close to the drop-off point as possible and keep your receipt to avoid a refuelling fee. Consider taking a time/date stamped photo of the fuel gauge and odometer reading once at the drop off point.
·        Aim to return your car during opening hours. Vehicle's left after hours are in most cases still in the renters care until the vehicle has been received during operating hours.
·        Get a company representative to inspect the vehicle in your presence immediately upon return.

We hope these car rental tips give you some peace of mind when considering renting a car for your business or leisure needs. 1300 Meteor Rentals look forward to assisting you with your Car Rental needs in Cairns, Townsville and Mount Isa in the future, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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