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Best Type of Car Hire in Cairns

Posted by Admin on 6 May 2020
Best Type of Car Hire in Cairns
As the locals will confirm, Cairns is a hit all year round. Car hire in Cairns is also a hit all year round. And here's why!

Car rental is for everybody everybody who is legal, that is. You'll need to be licensed and insured. If you don't know your way around the Cairns region, don't worry GPS technology is available.

Car hire is the go-to solution whenever your own vehicle is off the road, getting much-needed medical attention.

At other times, you could be needing to move stuff and your car is clearly not the ideal transport - too small, too under-powered, or too precious. Or perhaps, you're about to clock up a lot of kilometres and you're thinking it might be good to spare your car the effort.

Another obvious reason for driving a rental vehicle in Cairns is of course, when you're here, a long way from home and need temporary transport.

Car hire in Cairns to the rescue again.

Take a look at the options and prices for car rental in Cairns at 1300 Meteor. You'll be relieved when you see what's available. We have rental vehicles for everyone.

Car Hire Options For Everyone

With car rental, you simply need to have your licence up-to-date and in order. If you intend to hire a truck, you'll need to hold the appropriate class license.

With any vehicle you hire, you'll be signing up for Loss & Damage insurance to cover all parties involved. You should familiarise yourself with how this insurance works. Read 1300 Meteor's terms and conditions.

There's also an option to take out Windscreen and Headlight cover separately. It's worth it, when you consider that replacing a windscreen, depending on the vehicle make and model, costs between $250 and $1,000. Even a stone chip can cost around $75 to repair.

One-Way Rental is a popular option at 1300 Meteor. With One-Way Rental, you pick up the vehicle at one location but, by arrangement, your use ends at a second location. For example, you might pick your rental vehicle up at Cairns, then end up at the airport at Townsville.

If you need more carrying capacity, you can always add a trailer to your rental.

One of the big attractions at 1300 Meteor is our Cape York by 4WD package. This is for minimum 10-day 4x4 vehicle hire, available between 1 April and 31 October, weather permitting.

Cairns Car Hire

Cairns itself is 52 kilometres from north to south. It's the 5th most populous city in Queensland, 14th most populous nationally.

There are plenty of places in Far North Queensland, with Port Douglas more than an hour's drive north up the Captain Cook Highway and Mission Beach, about 2 hours' drive in the other direction, along the Bruce Highway.

For further adventure, Cape York Peninsula is 800 kilometres north of Cairnsyou'd need to spare around 14 hours to get there.

So there are plenty of people Googling car hire Cairns right now.

To find the best deals for your car hire needs, call 1300 Meteor now.

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