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3 Great Road Trips To Take In Queensland Now

Posted by Admin on 19 June 2020
3 Great Road Trips To Take In Queensland Now

So, you've finally come out of lockdown and borders may still be closed but you're living in Australia's second-largest State, and Queensland is full of fantastic road adventures.

All you need now to start exploring is a driving licence, insurance and a reliable set of wheels and you be on your way to an exciting road trip in no time!

You might find your own car may not quite cut it for some of the off-road adventures and rougher terrain you have in mind, and that's where we come in! We have a large selection of all types of road vehicles to suit your exploration needs including options like our Cape York 4WD package deals if you want more carrying capacity or would like to add a trailer.

We love our Sunshine State as much as you do, so we've compiled some of our favourite road trip adventures to get you started.

Get packing and hit the road!

1. Riversleigh World Heritage Fossil Site from Mt Isa

Location: 360 Km from Mt Isa to Riversleigh
Good for: Overnight and weekend road trips

From Mt Isa, you can hit the road for breathtaking scenery and outback roads to a World Heritage Fossil Site for the whole family to enjoy. This is one of the rare one-in-a-lifetime trips you can take to learn more about Australian history and fossils more than 25 million years old. See how these rare specimens have been preserved in limestone over millions of years and enjoy the site based on the edge of the spectacular Boodjamulla National Park. This is an excellent trip for a weekend or a few days where you can explore around the region and outback and still be a few hours' drive from Mt Isa. Find out why UNESCO ranks Riverleigh as one of the top ten fossil sites in the world!

Recommended:Off-road vehicle, Cape York 4WD

2. Cairns to Brisbane

Location: 1800 Km from Cairns to Brisbane
Good for: 1-2 weeks on the road

This is the big one! Let's say you want to cover the length of the State in just over a week, and you have the time, then this is the one to do. The Pacific Coast Way is the best way to experience the Queensland coast and its spectacular rainforests, reefs and beaches along the way. A couple of places not to miss are Capricorn Coast National Park, with views over Keppel Island and known for their fantastic hiking trails. Detour for a night or two on one of the beautiful Whitsunday Islands, chase waterfalls on route to Townsville and snorkel The Great Barrier Reef once you hit Cairns.
For more of a detailed itinerary and other great spots along the way, check out these other great ideas.

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3. Townsville local day road trips

Location: 40 minutes to 2-hours from Townsville
Good for: One-day or overnight road trips

If you're after some time on the road and want to explore without taking a week to do so, there are some easy one-day road trips from Townsville. Paluma is a 45-minute drive north of Townsville, and where you can find rainforests, freshwater holes and stunning 1930s stone bridges. Magnetic Island is a popular day trip for bushwalking and spotting koalas and kangaroos. And Charters Towers is a quaint outback town made famous in the gold rush. Many of the heritage-listed buildings like the Stock Exchange Building, Lyall's Store and The Miner Cottage are still standing.

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Whether your road trip ideas include a day trip, a weekend or a whole week of off-road and bitumen driving, we've got a selection of hire vehicles to help you hit the road in comfort and style.

Call our team for suggestions on 1300 638 367 or book online at 1300 Meteor.

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